91% of roofers are afraid

91% of roofers are afraid they’ll be ripped off or scammed when hiring a marketing agency.

They’re right.

These next few paragraphs are short, to the point, and will punch you in the face about roofing marketing! Not marketing in general and throwing in some roofing terms here and there. This is for roofing companies specifically.


Why are you struggling? Why isn’t your phone ringing and your schedule full? Everybody has a roof, and your services are in demand! Consumers NEED your service and there’s no education needed! You should not be struggling!

Many roofing company owners think that thier years of experience and great customer service sets them above everyone else. Maybe. But if this was true, then why are you struggling?

below is our 3 things that are a must, +6 things to stop doing immediately, and start doing these 2 things.

3 Must Have’s:

Its the 2020’s. There are 3 things that you must have to super-charge your profits:

  • Website with SSL
  • Google My Business
  • Facebook Page

Website: Yes, you need one. Good news is that all you need is a simple, static 4 page website (home page / residential roof page / commercial roof page / About Us page). These companies like Footbridge media want to build you a website and upkeep for $249/month. Marketing Answers isn’t here to build you a website. Our answer is hire the teen down the street to make you one. A simple wordpress site, or GoDaddy builder will have your 4 page website up in minutes. Include a contact form, your phone number, maybe a picture or two of previous work, and that’s it. Don’t spend anymore time on this once the website is live. (Hence our word “static”).

SSL: Yes, you need SSL, otherwise, before your website even comes up for potential customers, they’ll get a warning that your site is not secure. You do not want to scare off potential customers. SSL can get a bit tricky for those who are not technically inclined. Again, hire the teen down the street to keep up your SSL. SSL certificates are free ( ZeroSSL.com), but certs are only good for 90 days and need to be updated quarterly (for free).

Google My Business: A must. Claim your business now and get a GMB account. Update your info, phone, hours, etc… Other than posting a few pics of completed jobs here and there on GMB, don’t spend anymore time on this.

Facebook Business Page: Same as GMB. Create a FB page. Update your info, phone, hours, etc…Other than posting a few pics of completed jobs here and there, don’t spend too many more cycles on your FB page.

Helpful hint:

Have you ever heard the term NAP? Name. Address. Phone. Make sure your NAP is exactly the same across your website, GMB, and FB Page. Exactly. To the letter. Common mistakes include shortened addresses, incomplete names, and phone number not being formatted right. Example:

123 Main Street on your website
123 Main St. on your GMB and FB
(Pick either Street or St. and keep it consistent)

RooofingName LLC on your website
RoofingName on your GMB and FB.
(Pick a name and use it consistently)

(555) 555-5555 on your website, but:
(555)555-5555 or
(555) 5555555 on your GMB and FB.
Use the format your customers are used to. Always pick (555) 555-5555 format.