Sell your Harley on Craigslist in 7 days.

6 proven tips to sell fast and move on

If you have a motorcycle that you’re ready to sell, these 6 tips will help you sell fast. This works for all motorcycles, Harley’s and other bikes.

Let’s start with some free tips:

Pictures – yes, of course you’ll need pictures. Good pictures, clear, bright, and in focus. The more pics the better, between 5 and 10. Yes, spend some effort here.

Tagged? Is your bike tagged? If yes, cool, show the license plate in the picture. This shows potential buyers that your bike is currently on the road. If not tagged, when taking a picture, put your thumb where the license plate would be.

Video? Nobody else does this. Take a quick video of you starting your bike, then taking it down the street for a quick ride. Send the video to Youtube or something, and include the Youtube link in your Craigslist ad.

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